When selecting THE WC Cabinet, be sure to observe the following

When selecting THE WC Cabinet, be sure to observe the following
19 Sep

In recent years, with many benefits to its users around us, these cabins have been used in schools, airports, factories, business centers and many places we haven't counted. These cabins are highly modular and designed to be useful.

When we look at the intended use of these cabins, we see that in a small area, they are the tools that help to address needs such as safety, toilet, bathroom and cooking and servicing. Other than the WC cabins, there are also options for the guard cabinet. These cabins allow a secure transition system to be installed. These indigenous cabins are sometimes combined with toilet cabins. This transition is made from the inside so that it does not cause a loss of heat in the attendant. There are therefore models suitable for any safety requirement.

People who use these cabinets and want to buy them have questions on their heads. As Tetay Construction, we have written these articles to address these questions, and we are producing these cabins with our 17 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Come on, let's take a look at what you need to watch out for before we get a cabin.

Choose models based on your needs.

Toilet cabins are available for all needs. We've been thinking about the cabins with water tanks and areas that are not connected to water, and these cabinets are called fully mobile cabinets. For places with access to a water source, there are single, double, even quad toilet cabins. We can choose the model that's right for you, produce it as soon as possible, and deliver it to you.

How are WC cabins manufactured?

These cabins are manufactured with sandwich panel technology. With the installation of aluminum doors, galvanized is used as roof and corner material. Thanks to our expert team, it is produced quickly as a local production.

Do insulation work in WC cabins?

The shortest answer to that question is yes. The outer shell of the cab already uses insulating materials. Thanks to these quality materials used, these cabins are not cold in winter and not hot in summer. This will protect the climate inside the cab.

HOW much IS THE PRICE OF THE WC cubicles?

For some reason in recent years, the price of everything has risen due to changing market conditions. But we, Tetay, have made prices very accessible to support construction and other sectors as structures. We've made prices affordable especially for users who want to buy a buffet cab so they can continue their business more easily. Because the industry that has suffered the most during the pandemic has become the food and drink industry. Prices may vary depending on cab dimensions and option. You can get an offer for more information.

CAN WC cabins be combined with different cabins?

And we can answer that question briefly yes. In fact, these cabins can be combined in order to satisfy the need for a toilet combined with most cabins. Special projecting options are also available. If you take advantage of these options, you may want to combine the cab.

WHAT are the dimensions of THE WC cubicles?

Cabins are available with many sizes of toilets. The smallest size of these cabins is 130x130, while the largest dimensions are 210x210. These cabins can have single, double and quad toilet cabins. It is also added to some models in the water tank as an extra. If the model you want to buy does not have a water tank, but if you want to let us know, these tanks can be integrated into the model during production.

HOW many days do WC cabins come in?

And they're produced very quickly, in a short answer to that question. This speed is provided by our team, of course, who specializes in the field. A deadline can be set for our buyers who may have a problem for a while. For bulk cab purchases, a delivery date can be set again and delivered as soon as possible.

And in this article, we wrote down what needs to be known about the cabins with the toilet in them. We hope that this article answers some questions in your head. You can call our customer representatives to receive information and offers on these cabins and other cabins.