Custom Manufacturing Cabinets

Lately, we've been seeing one of the cabin products, no matter which way we look around. We are highly likely to see these cabins in apartments, sites, private parking, and in and out of construction sites.

In general, when we look at the intended use, they are building solutions that allow an officer or staff to perform their duty in the best way, without impacting the seasonal and environmental conditions. On the other hand, this cab is a buffet structure that can bring people street delicacies.

Tetay Construction is producing with a full 17-year experience in the cab industry, with an expert engineering team and state-of-the-art production systems. We've all seen it on the street. Some cabins have a privileged design and appearance. In fact, those cabins are drawn and produced specifically for the individual or project.

You can change a lot of things in custom production cabins. For example, some of the features that you can change in cabins, EPS styrofoam is normally used as insulation material, but any insulation material they want can be used for customers who want it. White color is produced as an exterior. But for customers who want it, their own brand logos or patterns can be printed as they please. The most important interchangeable feature is the size of cabs. The currently available cab models are manufactured according to certain standards. However, for customers who want it, a cab can be produced in the desired size and specification. These cabins are used as pre-sales offices of projects, especially in construction sites.

Special Manufacturing Cabinet rates

Perhaps the most curious part of the special project benefit is the price. The prices of special projecting cabs vary according to cab specifications. For example, if the dimensions of a cab model are to be enlarged, the price of sale will increase as the cab cost increases. However, if a change in material is requested, for example, an insulation change, a price change is made in the requested insulation material property.

When a brand requests a special cab, the requested cab is undergoing a number of engineering and architectural analysis. This is important to ensure that the cab can be used for many years. If there is an engineering issue, the brand is notified to purchase the issue container and if a solution is requested, the solution to the issue is explained. If the solution to the issue is accepted, production begins quickly if there is no other issue.

In some cases, a change can be requested via a model that is already being produced. In such cases, prices vary depending on the subject requested.

We all see that our country has a lot of climate diversity. In addition, our country is an earthquake zone. In this direction, all cabins are produced in a earthquake-resistant manner. The region in which the cab is positioned in accordance with climate diversity affects special projections. For example, a cabin to be installed in the Black Sea Region must have liquid insulation within its specifications. Because the Black Sea Region is wet every season. In another example, the lack of air conditioning work within a cabin to be installed in the Aegean and Mediterranean Region is important in terms of energy savings. Because these areas are very hot in the summer. You can contact our account representatives to take advantage of special projecting right away.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

The outer shell of these cabinets is already produced with insulation. While the outer shell of some cabins is PVC, the side and roof materials are used as galvanized. In some cabins, epspanded polystyrene, in short, sandwich panel technology with eps filling is used. This material is among the best insulation materials in the world as thermal insulation. Although the materials used in insulation works are light, they do not crack, break, rust and can be used safely for years. Aluminum doors are generally used in the door. PVC windows are used in windows. Thanks to these materials used, these cabins can be used in summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in in the winter, it doesn't let the outside heat inside in the summer. Thanks to these studies, thermal insulation is provided.

These cabins are designed to be lightweight so that they can be transported by air, land or sea. In addition to being lightweight, these cabins are also resistant to natural disasters and strong winds.