Guard Cabin

Nowadays, cabins became quite popular with their prices and the advantages they provide to the user. Panel cabins which are one of the options are used in construction sites and parking lots with their simplest appearance. They are one of the cheapest because of their simple design. Size variety is between 1,70m2 and 9,60m2.

Tetay Yapı is number one in guard cabin manufacturing. Because guard cabins are produced fast since we use the latest technology. Thus, a quick solution can be provided to your emergency guard cabin needs. Today, not only guard cabin models, but also many designs and models are produced. While the best quality guard cabin has a simpler design, other cabins are more aesthetically pleasing. Having a simple design is the solution for the cheapest guard cabin needs.
Generally if we focus on the use of a guard cabin, they are tools that allow security guards to do their jobs without getting effected from the weather and external factors. Also guard cabins are durable against earthquakes and other natural disasters. Tetay Kabin is the best quality guard cabin manufacturer with 17 years of experience in the sector.

It has provided advantages to many brands that use at least one of the guard cabin models. Thanks to its simple design, it is used for the execution of many construction projects in areas such as construction sites. Another advantage is the prices of the guard cabins. Guard cabin prices vary according to the sizes and features of the cabin. Since Tetay Yapı is a doestic brand, it always understands and observes the needs of local consumers. 

The Black Sea region experiences precipitation throughout the year when we consider the variety of climates in our nation. Extreme temperatures are evident when we travel to the southeast. You will see that the eastern region of our nation experiences a hard winter. Due to this, we use cutting-edge production methods and a skilled workforce to create the cabins in settings that allow for their durability throughout a four-season period. The cabins have been strengthened in order to withstand even the worst seasonal conditions. 

What are the features of guard cabins?

All types of security guards want the kind of cabins that we produce since they are high-quality and affordable. In addition to their high quality, the cabins stand out for their affordability and the variety of options they provide to customers.
Sandwich panel technology, one of the best building methods, is used to make our guard cabin products. The guard cabin models we manufacture are now impervious to all kinds of natural calamities because of sandwich panel technology. Tetay Yap, a domestic maker, examined the demands and grievances of the manufacturer when we scrutinized the cabins in terms of characteristics. Cabin traits have evolved as a result of the analyses performed.

The best guard cabin, in our opinion, provides numerous benefits for the company using it. It is resistant to seasonal and environmental changes because it is made with the highest quality materials. All cabins created have undergone several isolation testing. These insulation projects have helped to lower potential expenditures associated with the cabin's air-conditioning work. Cabins get an edge in terms of pricing in this way.

What are these cabins made of?

In 2022, the goods made in the guard cabin have advanced significantly in quality and technology. The use of door lock mechanisms in cabins is one of the emerging problems. The guard should feel confident using door lock mechanisms. As a result, unless an inside attendant opens the cabin, it is exceedingly difficult for someone from the outside to enter without a key.
All of the components and designs that make up guard cabin models were discovered as a result of past and ongoing R&D and P&D research. These research' major goal is to create the greatest cabin model and offer it to customers at the most competitive price.

In the P&D studies, all cabin manufacturers were examined and analyzed. As a result of the analysis, the mistakes made by the manufacturers during the production were determined and it was revealed that the mistakes made shorten the life of the cabinets. Tetay Yapı has become the leader in the sector because it does not make the mistakes made by other manufacturers. In addition to these, architectural and engineering studies were carried out to eliminate the mistakes made. For this reason, sandwich panel technology has emerged. With the sandwich panel technology, cabins gain a light structure, but also become resistant to many natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Within the scope of R&D studies, the focus was on consumers. Consumers' needs and complaints were analyzed. As a result of the analysis, while consumers demand more affordable cabins, they demand more robust and insulating cabins. For this reason, in addition to sandwich panel technology, insulation studies are also carried out on guard cabinet products. Insulation works are carried out in two categories.
The first type of insulation projects focuses on insulating the cabinet's walls. Here, sandwich panel technology has even another benefit. Between the sandwich panel and EPS Styrofoam is put. Almost everywhere in the globe uses EPS styrofoam as insulation. Because it works so well, we use this material in every cabin. This material is a major factor in the cabinet's reduced weight.

We insulate the remaining cabin components as part of the second category of insulation work. Galvanized is a roofing material that we employ. As a result, without holding on, it slides the snow and rain that are falling on the roof. We don't utilize PVC windows from the familiar house type windows, but we do use them in the windows. The windows are guillotine-style windows that either open and close from the side or from top to bottom. The interior of the cabin is protected from fluids, sound, and heat thanks to the extensive insulation work done. As a result, you can swiftly heat and cool the cabin because its interior climate is protected to the highest level.

Guard Cabin Prices Special to Your Budget

Due to the changes experienced in the field of economy in recent years, the prices of many materials used in the construction field have increased. For this reason, the price of many materials has also increased.

As Tetay Yapı, the financial purchasing power of consumers has been taken into consideration while determining the prices of the guard cabin for 2022. In this regard, it is our principle to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with minimum profit margin. For this reason, the prices of guard cabins are determined very affordable. We always strive to produce the cheapest guard cabinet products.
Thanks to the materials used in both the design and production of the guard cabin varieties, the prices of the guard cabins remain very affordable. Because cabin designs, exterior architecture and materials used provide price advantages in many aspects.

Guard Cabins Special to Your Security

While the guards' cabins are typically plain in style, there are more economical options available. The metropolitan cabin versions, however, also have a very attractive structure. Its proportions are almost identical to those of the guard cabinet items. Looking under the lens reveals that it can begin at 2.25 m2 and increase to 6 m2.

While cabins with a more aesthetically pleasing structure are typically selected at sites and areas like sites, cabins with guards are typically utilized in places like parking lots and construction sites. Modernly constructed cabins can fit within a metropolis with a modern infrastructure. However, these cabins do not prioritize visuality. because it serves only the watchman's purpose.
The cabinets are highly safe in addition to having a demountable structure. mainly due to the high reliability of door lock systems. The officer within will be protected from both harsh seasonal conditions and external environmental risks if it is kept closed with windows.

Which Guard Cabin is Suitable For You

Finding the best product for you is quite difficult and requires time and effort no matter what goods you purchase, not just cabin products. The cabin model that is best for you depends on the amount of cabin space you require and the location. Additionally, the number of employees who will work in the cabin and the cash you set out to acquire a cabin are both crucial factors. Contact our customer service representatives if you want to locate the right cabin for you as quickly as possible and if you want information and offers regarding cabins.