WC - Shower Cabin

Recently, most districts and regions require WC cabins. One of the first brands to be thought of as a cab is Tetay Construction. Because we produce all our WC shower cabinet products with our high-tech and expert team in the field, quickly, meticulously and safely. This makes the highest quality WC shower cubicle produced by Tetay Construction.

THE WC shower cabinet is available in most entertainment areas, concert area, construction site, social facilities. On the other hand, we have safety cab products that allow an officer to perform his duty in the best way. Most security guards don't have room to go to. This is why you can purchase this product with the WC cabinet. You can combine these cabins with the WC cabinet. When we look at the dimensions, we see that these cabins have the smallest 1.70 m2 to the largest 9.60 m2 measurements.

In general, when we look at the intended use of WC shower cabinet products, we see that an officer, an officer or a worker need toilets, or that they can shower after a tired day of work, safely, without affecting the outside environment and seasonal conditions. Our WC shower cabinet products are made with quality raw materials to prevent them from being affected by poor outdoor and harsh seasonal conditions. Thanks to Tetay Construction’s 17 years of rooted experience in the cab industry, all WC shower cabinet products are extremely robust and long-lasting.

Most Preferred WC Shower Cabinet

THE WC shower cabinet models are structures that can address almost any toilet and shower needs. In this respect, we have WC shower cabinet products with tanks and disabled. You can check out our top quality WC shower cabinet products via our website.

WHEN we look at THE price of THE WC shower cubicle, we see it is quite suitable. THE biggest reason for our WC cabinet products is because we are a local brand. As a local brand, we understand the needs of local consumers and offer the cheapest WC shower cabinet products.

The cab must be insulated, especially during showering. In this case, the WC shower cabinet models are insulated with quality materials against harsh seasonal conditions. Despite these isolation efforts, the prices of the WC shower cubicle are very suitable. You can easily fix your workers' toilets and shower needs by buying one of the cheapest WC shower cabinet products. By contacting our customer representatives, you will be able to find out about the WC shower cabinet prices and all models.

Most economical WC Shower prices

The construction sector has suffered a severe blow, as a result of market fluctuations over many reasons in recent years. Because the prices of materials used in the construction industry around the world have increased significantly. In this case, the reinforced concrete cabins are no longer built because of the budget. The BRANDS THAT need THE WC cabinet are directed toward the cabins that we produced.

As Tetay Construction, we have determined the prices of our WC cabinet products, keeping the purchasing power of domestic consumers in mind. With consumers who find prices affordable, our products are quickly adopted by consumers. We also produce and deliver our WC shower cabinet models, which you demand, to you, in the fastest and most precise way. That's why we've been leading the cab industry for 17 years.

All our cab products are made with sandwich panel technology. These panels provide heat, sound and liquid insulation. The principle of operation is that the sandwich panel is isolated by EPS strait, which is used in many structures around the world. This isolates the cab from seasonal conditions. This ensures maximum protection of the climate inside the cab. We took care of this as it was the health of the shower staff.

Prices vary depending on the size of the cab. Because there are handicapped and storage cabins. You can choose in dual cabs by location. If you would like to know more about delivery options and prices, you can contact our account representatives.

Safe, isolated WC Shower System

Safety is the most important requirement for a person who needs or showers in a mobile cab. In this respect, we produce all our cabins with locked doors. When the cab doors are locked from the inside, it's very difficult to break in.

In addition, we conducted R&D and R&D work before the design of all our cabs appeared. In the scope of the UR-GE work carried out, we have identified the errors that other manufacturers have made before and from the production equipment, along with our field personnel. The mistakes that have been made have been passed through a number of engineering studies and corrected by us. In the context of the R&D work, consumers' requirements and complaints within the cab have been identified. We conducted a number of architectural and engineering studies under the supervision of the findings, and created durable and long-lasting cabins. You can find out more about the products we produce by contacting our customer representatives.

Most Preferred WC Shower models

The reason shower cabins are so preferred is because they are a very affordable construction solution. In addition, the metropolitan cab, which can be combined with these cabins, is highly preferred in our products. These cabins are well-liked thanks to the modern architecture of the city. In addition to special projections, the current range of these cabs is between 2.25 m2 and 6 m2. You can use these products by positioning them on the site, apartment, parking, entrance and exit. You can improve your construction site by purchasing one of these cabinets where your staff can meet the needs of showers and toilets in a very comfortable way.

Which WC Shower is right for you

The cab that suits you varies according to your need for cab volume, the number of people to use the cab, the way you use it, the area where you position the cab. You can contact our customer representatives to find the cab product that best suits you or your working principle as quickly as possible.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

The outer shell of these cabinets is already produced with insulation. While the outer shell of some cabins is PVC, the side and roof materials are used as galvanized. In some cabins, epspanded polystyrene, in short, sandwich panel technology with eps filling is used. This material is among the best insulation materials in the world as thermal insulation. Although the materials used in insulation works are light, they do not crack, break, rust and can be used safely for years. Aluminum doors are generally used in the door. PVC windows are used in windows. Thanks to these materials used, these cabins can be used in summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in in the winter, it doesn't let the outside heat inside in the summer. Thanks to these studies, thermal insulation is provided.

These cabins are designed to be lightweight so that they can be transported by air, land or sea. In addition to being lightweight, these cabins are also resistant to natural disasters and strong winds.