5 ways to keep the Panel Cabinet Cool during the Summer months

5 ways to keep the Panel Cabinet Cool during the Summer months
19 Sep

Whether it's hot summer months or cold winter months, these cabins have been used a lot more than they have in the past years. In recent years, the frequency of use has increased. Because it attracts people with its very practical architecture and affordable prices.

For the general purpose of these cabins, a security officer or a location is where a trade is being carried out. In fact, it could be a safety cabin. But when we look at them for their purposes, they're not just meant to be. From the outside, they seem quite modern. It can be produced quickly. It is highly green and made of 100% recyclable materials. We already see these cabins often at the factory entrance and exit.

Brands that use or want to use these cabinets and some questions about cooling in people's minds appear. To find a solution to these questions, we wanted to write this article. Here, let's all learn how to keep these cabins cold together, five ways to do that.

Are air conditioning effective in these areas?

The most efficient way to cool these cabins can be electric coolers. Because the cabin area is small and without walls, all the cold stays inside and in circulation. Note that the cab Windows must be closed for this cooling system to be effective. We can make this look like cars. The interior of the vehicles is also very cold with a small but efficient air conditioning.

Do the propeller coolers work inside the cab?

Also, fan coolers from electric coolers can be effective within these cabins. Of course, the fan size is important for effective cooling. Because it is recommended that large fan coolers be used more externally, while their small propeller should be held toward the person inside the cab.

What is the heat insulation of these cabins?

The outer shell of these cabins is already manufactured in isolation. Epspated polystirene, which is one of the best insulation materials in the world, is called the eptirated sandwich panel technology. The same isolation works and the WC cabinet options are produced with the same isolation works. The materials used in insulation work are lightweight, but are not cracked, broken, rust-resistant and can be used with confidence for years to come. This allows these cabins to be used for summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in the winter, it doesn't let the heat out in the summer. This work will ensure thermal insulation.

How do these cabins come out?

These cabins are manufactured in high-end production systems using polyester with tape system production. On the other hand, the polyurethane foam, which forms the industrial cab panel, is reinforced with polyester layer, and finally increased its strength with a gelcoat coating reinforcement. Industrial large cabins painted with a special paint system do not smell like the same. This ensures that the heat insulation is ensured.

How should Windows be used in cabins?

These cabins should be kept closed during cooling, if possible. In some cabins, the Windows are always open for duty. But in order not to touch the outside of the cold, if possible, if the Windows are kept closed, the climate inside will be better protected.
In this article, we also gave valuable information about the cabins and some tips for cooling them down. We hope that after you read this article, you can clear up any questions on your mind. You can contact our customer representatives for more questions that are on your mind and receive information and offers.