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In recent years, the security booth has been called Tetay Construction. Because the safety cab options we produce are manufactured by state-of-the-art production systems. In this case, the safety cab options are often preferred by users.

Today, cabins are not only made as guard cabinets, but as panels as cabinets. While the safety cab models have a simpler architecture, these cabins have a more modern and luxurious architecture. This is important for the city to adapt to its modern architecture.
In general, safety cabinets are structures that help a security guard perform his duty without impacting the seasonal and environmental conditions and protect the employee. On the other hand, safety cabinet options are highly durable and affordable solutions. In addition, the Tetay Cab is a leader in the production of the guard cabinet with its full 17-year experience in the industry.

Known as the public guard booth, the safety cab models offer the brand benefits in many ways. The most important of these benefits is the price of the safety booth. The price of the safety cab varies according to the size and characteristics of the cab. Another important advantage is that it is domestic production. With this safety cab production, you have a local customer, we understand and produce the brand needs better.

When we look at the climate diversity of our country, we see that the Black Sea Region is wet all seasons, our Southeast and East regions have tough winter conditions, while the Aegean and Mediterranean regions have a warm and dry climate. That's why Tetay Construction uses state-of-the-art production systems to produce our guard cabinet products in a four-season environment-resistant manner with our expert team. Some enhancements have been made in each model to withstand extreme seasonal conditions. The cabins we manufacture are not like the polyester safety cabinet. It's more robust and longer-lasting.

Most Preferred Safety Cabin

Our caretaker cabinet products are structures that can address almost every security need. In addition, prefabricated safety cabinet prices are immediately adopted as they have an economical price tag.

Safety cab models are made with sandwich panel technology as technology. This technology makes even a single safety cab resistant to outdoor and seasonal conditions. On the other hand, cabins are manufactured by a local manufacturer, Tetay Construction. A domestic manufacturer means a manufacturer who understands the problems of domestic consumers.

This is not limited to the benefits it provides to brands based on the price of the safety cab. Thanks to the quality materials used in safety cab production, these cabins are isolated from the seasons and environmental conditions. Thanks to the isolation work applied to safety cab models, the heating costs of the caretaker involved are also reduced. The cabins can also be produced and delivered very quickly. For more information on delivery options and safety booth prices, please contact our customer representatives.

When we look at the cab size range, there are models that can grow up to the largest 9.60 m2 with the smallest 1.70 m2. Glass technology can be made from top to bottom with the guillotine system, as well as with the lateral system from left to right. 

Most Economic Security Cabinet rates are

As a result of the fluctuations we have experienced frequently in recent years, the prices of many materials have become quite varied. All of these have resulted in small market conditions in some sectors, and some sectors have experienced quite a change in utopian levels. And when we look at the prices in terms of the price of the safety booth, it's very convenient. Because Tetay Construction has made it possible to determine prices. Therefore, safety cabins are popular and preferred by the public.

In addition to the benefits it provides to its user, it is not made like a polyester safety cabinet, but made with sandwich panel technology. In addition, the prices of the prefabricated safety cabinet are determined, while the consumer's financial purchasing power is considered. Despite rising costs and material prices, the prices of these cabinets were adopted by consumers because they were very economical.

The epspated polystirene (EPS) padded sandwich panel, which is among the world's best insulation materials as heat insulation, is lightweight, but is not cracked, broken, rust-resistant and used with confidence for years to come.

It is environmentally friendly because it helps prevent air pollution by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by its insulation capability. It is also 100% transformational with its disassembled construction, which allows for installation and removal in other locations. Sandwich panel mounting is very easy. It creates healthy locations that do not allow moisture to pass through the products in which it is used. A sandwich panel system is also used in the production of Tetay cabins and containersIn addition to sandwich panel technology, the doors are aluminum, Windows are PVC Windows, and the roofing is galvanized.

All of our products are produced very quickly, so they can address your immediate needs. If you would like to know more about delivery options and cabins, please contact our customer representatives.

Secure, isolated Safety Cabinet System

All the cab products we produce have a very safe door locking system for the officer or guard who is working inside. Unless the inside man opens it, it's pretty hard for a person who doesn't have a key to go in.

Sandwich panel technology makes the cabins very light. Lightweight yet durable. This allows it to be used in almost any area. Prior to developing the cab models, R&D and UR-GE have been done to create the best models.

As part of the UR-GE work carried out, other manufacturers have identified errors that they have made before and after production. The identified errors were corrected in light of a number of engineering and architectural studies. The UR-GE stands for production improvement. In the context of R&D studies, the needs and problems of consumers have been analyzed. As a result of this analysis, the cabinets are inconspenated with the features consumers need and troubleshooting issues. This information reveals highly durable, long-lasting cabins. You can review all of our cab models on our website and contact our customer representatives for the quote.

Most Preferred Safety Cabinet models

These cabins have a simple design and an economical price tag. It's like a diamond when we look at it in terms of these benefits. You can also purchase these cabinets to take advantage of our cab building solutions.

In addition to these cabins, it is available in our metropolitan cab products that can adapt to the city's modern construction. With a variety of color choices, you can choose the color cab that matches your site, car park, where modern architecture is dominated. The cab dimensions can grow from 2.25 m2 to 6 m2. If you're going to position it in a modern area, the metropolitan cabins are very suitable. But in areas where there isn't much visual, such as construction sites, parking, etc., you can buy a safety cabin from our products. It's built very quickly, so we can meet your immediate needs.

Which Security Cabinet is right for you

The cab model is available for all your safety needs. The cab model that suits you varies depending on the area you will be positioning, how many people will be in the cab and how they will be used. In addition, we offer a special project advantage. With this advantage, we can produce cabins as you like. If you want to find the most suitable cab quickly, you can call our customer representatives to get advice.