If you're thinking about taking a container, you should be careful with the following

If you're thinking about taking a container, you should be careful with the following
19 Sep

Construction costs have increased due to the economic crisis around the world in recent years. So people started looking for more affordable and more ecological structures. At the end of the search, they found container structures. Although these structures are very small, they are available at very affordable prices.

Containers are often used as temporary homes in construction sites or rural areas. But you should know that these structures can do more than that. These structures can be used for almost all needs. You should always follow the steps below before purchasing these structures.

1)  Check insulation work in containers.

Individual isolation works are carried out in containers. All sides of the structure, including container walls and roof, are insulated. The insulation material used is EPS straffe. This material makes it easy to air-conditioning in the container.

2)  Review container plans.

These structures are usually empty inside. In the case of personal use, the interior architecture can be done in general, based on the plans of these structures. If you are buying for your staff, you can also partition by looking at plans.

3)  Did you know that containers offer architectural freedom?

These structures offer freedom in both internal and external architecture. Because you can buy and combine a few of these structures. Since individual insulation is performed in the structures, you will not lose anything from the insulation. When combined, these structures offer much more life or work space

4)  It is very important to use containers for what purpose.

These structures are used for many purposes. Some brands purchase these structures to meet the needs of the staff. In some brands, he purchases several of these structures and uses them as a hostel. In some brands, it uses these structures as a WC and a shower area. These structures are versatile because they can be used in many projects.

5)  Investigate container prices.

These structures are the most affordable price-tag structures available on the market. Many brands that have signed huge projects in real estate can buy from these structures and solve the many needs of their staff. Due to rising costs, these structures have become a very affordable solution.

What other structures can you purchase?

There is no structure as an alternative to containers, but there are cabins that can be used with these structures. One of these cabins is the model of the buffet cab. These cabins are like the buffets we see on the streets. In fact, special projects can be made to produce brand or custom cabins. In addition, it is located in cabins where security guards can serve.
Cabins are built to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. They also have insulation work in their cabins, just like containers, and they don't have any problems with internal air conditioning. It is mainly designed and manufactured to allow the officer in the cab to perform his duty comfortably. If you want to purchase a 17-year experience of Tetay structure, you can contact our customer representatives.