Metropolitan Cabin

Recently, what we've seen in almost modern cities is called a Metropolitan cabin, and often there are structures that adapt to site building architectures. As a Tetay Construction, the panel is the leading and local manufacturer in the cab production industry. The biggest reason for this is that all the Metropolitan cab models we produce are adapting to the construction of modern architecture buildings in the city, both in terms of architecture and in terms of construction technologies.

Metropolitan cab products are produced by our expert team in cutting-edge manufacturing systems and area. This makes the Metropol cab products more durable and lasting.

What's a Metropolitan cabin? The Metropolitan cab is designed specifically with modern architecture and is isolated by state-of-the-art insulation materials, and is the kind of cabins in which an officer can do his job in the best way. The general purpose of the cabs is to create a dedicated area for the officer and protect it from external environmental impact, without affecting the seasons and environmental conditions.

The prices of the Metropolitan cab are very affordable and are durable in cabins. In addition, due to our extensive 17-year experience in the sector as Tetay Construction, the Metropolitan cab models are very quality and have the most affordable price category, as we produce them. For those interested in the size and size of the Metropolitan cab, the dimensions of the Metropolitan cab can grow from the smallest 2.25 m2 to 12 m2. The hotel is set in a 4-story building designed in the modern style. Two people can work their way through the double-parking entrance and exit, making the most of their mission.

When we look at the climate diversity of our country, we see that the Black Sea region has a warm and dry climate, as it rains every season. In addition, the eastern and Southeast parts of our country are a region of harsh winters. And so our Metropolitan cab products had to be resistant to the diversity of this season. Therefore, for us, the Metropol cab models are heat, sound and liquid insulation made with the highest quality materials. 

Most Preferred Metropol Cab

Metropolitan cab models can be produced according to every need. All cabins are undergoing specific isolation to withstand seasonal conditions. The cabins use an epspated polystirene, which is among the world's best insulation materials as heat insulation, as a short for an EPS-filled sandwich panel. The Sandwich panel is lightweight yet robust. So it doesn't crack, it doesn't break, it doesn't rust, and you can use it for years with confidence.

In addition, insulation is affected by the prices of the Metropolitan cab. Because the insulation maintains the climate within the best-quality Metropolitan cab options. And sandwich panels are environmentally friendly. Because it helps prevent air pollution by reducing the release of carbon dioxide with the heat isolation feature.

Another important feature is the disassembled structure of these cabins. This allows the cabins to be moved to another location and installed after they have been removed. The best-quality Metropolitan cab options made from the sandwich panel are also easy to install. As a result of quality materials used in production, these cabins create healthy locations that do not allow moisture to pass through. We use the sandwich panel system for the cheapest Metropol cab production, due to its many advantages.

What is the Metropolitan cabin produced by Tetay Construction? The cheapest Metropol cab products are manufactured to suit all needs. Because Tetay Construction is an indigenous manufacturer. A local manufacturer produces products for the needs of a domestic consumer. In addition, the presence of a local manufacturer eliminates costs similar to the cost of imports.

Most economical Metropol Cab prices

One of the many benefits it provides to the purchaser brand is the appropriate choice of Metropolitan cab prices. Because for many reasons recently, the prices of many materials have entered a rising train. As a result of what happened, market conditions have become quite volatile. Concrete cabins are history, especially since construction costs are starting to increase too much.

When determining cab prices as Tetay Construction, the budgets of brands and people who will buy and use them are taken into consideration. Therefore, cab prices are quite accessible. Since we are a local manufacturer, we are always with the local consumer, taking care to understand their needs in the best way. This ensures the best price guaranteed in the cab area, while making a fast and precise production.

Another benefit of the price is the cost of heating up. Thanks to the isolation technology used in cabinets, the cabins heat up and cool down quickly. The climate in the cab is very easily protected. So that in winter, it doesn't let the heat out, it doesn't let the heat out in the summer. This minimizes the costs of heating and cooling when using cabinets. All of these benefits are provided with high quality insulation materials used almost anywhere in the world.

All the cabins we produce are delivered to you by making them very fast and meticulously, world-standard. In our high-end manufacturing systems facilities, you can find cab models to suit your needs. For more information on cabins and a quote, please contact our customer representatives.

Safe, isolated Metropol Cab System

We are particularly concerned with safety in cab systems to be positioned in the city. In this respect, the door locking systems of all our cab products are very quality. It's very difficult for a person without a key to enter the cabin unless the officer inside it opens it.

Some long-lasting R&D and R&D work has been carried out before these cabs were produced. Ur-GE means production improvement. As part of the production development work, other manufacturers have identified errors that they made during and before production and subsequently engineering and architectural work has been carried out to resolve these errors.

R&D means research development. In the scope of research and development, we conducted some surveys on needs with domestic consumers. This allows us to understand the future needs of the domestic consumer within the cab. So the cab products we produce are very modern, convenient and affordable. You can review all of our cab products on our website.

Most Preferred Metropol Cab models

All the cab products we design and manufacture adapt to the modern construction of the city, adapting to the personality of its neighborhood. It is located in cabins designed with modern architecture, while in cab solutions with a more affordable and simple architecture. Accordingly, there are cab solutions that can respond to all needs.

For your specific cab needs, we can do special projections. Our version is full of other benefits, as well as the safety cab options. Based on the dimensions, there are sizes that can grow from 1.69 m2 to 9.6 m2. They are cabins that help a security guard to perform their duty in the best way, without being affected by the external environment and seasonal conditions. You can use these cabins on construction sites, parking in and out, site, apartment entrances and exits.

Which Metropol Cab is right for you

Finding the cab that suits you best varies depending on the cab architecture you need, size, position, how you use it. The cab models we produce are capable of responding to almost any need. Luxury and modern architecture cabins are also available in cabs with a simple and relatively affordable price tag. To find the cab that suits you as quickly as possible, you can contact our customer representatives.