Are Panel Cabins wind resistant?

Are Panel Cabins wind resistant?
19 Sep

Recently, cabins have been used not only in our country, but in many countries of the world. The main reason it became popular all over the world is because in emerging economies, construction costs are now increased and security officers are looking for a more cost-effective solution to fulfill their duties.

Cabins have different designs to address many needs. For example, storage cabins are intended for such cabs. It's about stockpiling things inside and taking out items and products stored when needed. In some cases, these cabins may need to be cooled. For this reason, some coolers can be put in by users. In this case, malformed food and beverages can be stored inside for a long time. Such cabins are often purchased with a different cab.

The cab products are lightweight and portable, so they are characterized as unresistant to natural disasters such as wind. But contrary to the belief, this is not an issue. Because before these structures were produced, engineers worked on the plan. For this reason, all cab products are windproof. It is known that it is resistant to many natural disasters, not just wind, during cab production.

The cabins in question are in plain view as exterior design, so they are considered to be unsafe. Contrary to the presumed, many components, including the walls of the cabins, are used in consideration. This stiffness developed during production is determined in the scope of the pre-production work of UR-GE. 

Are Panel Cabs Safe enough?

The safety systems of the cabs are often controversial, but the doors used in cab production are very safe. It is very difficult for someone inside the cab without an outside key to enter, even by force. He has to break the door to get in, which could cause serious damage to the cabin. It is not possible to enter from the outside in any way if the officer or security guard who is working inside the cab locks the cab door from the inside. Inside the cab is the work area of the officer or security guard and it is forbidden to enter the cab without the permission of the officer working inside.

Panel Cabin Isolation features

Isolation has been carried out in all the cabins. Only the views of the cabs are changed to match the area in which they are positioned. For example, our panel metropolitan cabin products have a more modern look. But almost all of our cab products are manufactured in a similar way.

The cab walls are manufactured by sandwich panel technology. Thanks to sandwich panel technology, the cabins are very lightweight. The operation of the sandwich panel technology consists of tightening the EPS styrofoam between the two panels.

Thanks to the Styrofoam, the walls become insulated. The sandwich panel is interlocked and a sturdy cab is obtained. That way, the officer inside can do his duty in peace. This technology is applied throughout the cab so that air-conditioning work within the cab can be done very easily. Insulation work is carried out on all our cab products. If you want one of the cabins full of benefits, you can call our account representatives.