Safety and Safety Cabinets important Information

Safety and Safety Cabinets important Information
19 Sep

In recent years, cabins in front of apartments, parking lots, sites have become very popular. The safety cab models produced are vehicles that protect them from external factors and seasonal conditions to ensure that the safety officer or the officer perform their duty in the best way.

These cabins are seen in front of more modern architecture sites. But we can also find these cabinets in modern businesses. Cabins can be produced very quickly. For this reason, there are questions left in the minds of those who want to buy. We have prepared a guided article for consumers who want to buy cabins but have many question marks on their minds. Always be aware of the following before purchasing a cab, regardless of the model.

1) Way of manufacture of cabins

The production patterns of cabs are quite variable. The ideal way to produce is sandwich panel technology, which is state-of-the-art. With this technology, the cabins are lighter, but are more resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Another feature of the sandwich panel is that it provides liquid isolation. The insulation is much better than a house thanks to the sandwich mounting of the insulation material.

2) Insulation materials used in cabinets

When generating cabins, the isolation work is monitored and applied in two categories. The EPS Styrofoam, which is placed between the sandwich panel in the first category, maintains maximum climate in the cab. Only this insulation material is only available on the walls of the cab. For this reason, galvanizing sheet is used as roof material, which is a very insulating material. Windows use PVC Windows. However, the opening of the Windows used is in the guillotine or side opening position.

3) Sales price range of cabins

When the prices of the cabins are determined, many cysts are considered. Many criteria are taken into account, such as workers' salaries, rents, material prices. Prices of materials used in the construction sector have also increased due to the economic crisis in recent years. But the price of the cab is not based on the percentage of economic crisis, but on the financial purchasing power of the buyers. In this case, we have the principle of keeping the profit margin as Tetay Cab to a minimum and maximum customer satisfaction.

4) Door and window quality

Whatever the model, the cab door lock characteristics must be of quality. It is important that the security officer, especially the guard booth, feels safe inside. It's very difficult for an outside person who doesn't have a cabinet key to enter by force. This is very safe when kept closed in Windows. Windows can only be opened and closed from inside the cab.

5) Cab models and purposes

There are nine different cab variants. Each one has a different purpose. But they're all earthquake-resistant and affordable. Most cab products are designed for the role of a security guard or an officer. But it is available in cabins used as toilets as well as cabins used as a buffet. Special production cabs can also be made with the size you want.

In this article, we have shared valuable information about the properties of cabinets and cabinets. Be careful with the cysts above before buying a cab for you. You can contact our customer representatives for more information and offers.