Warehouse Cabin

We have been seeing a lot of cabin products around us lately. Tetay Structure produces warehouse cabin products quite robustly. The biggest reason for this is that warehouse cabin products are produced with the latest technology production systems and expert personnel. For this reason, warehouse cabin models are very preferred.

Warehouse cabin products are produced just like other cabins. One of these cabins is the security cabin models. These cabins allow a security guard to perform his duties without being affected by the season and external environmental conditions. The decimation types are between 1.70 m2 and 9.60 m2. Like all cabin products, insulation studies have been carried out on these cabin products.

Warehouse cabinet models generally look at the purpose of use, a food or a document is stored and provides protection of the stored product or object without being affected by external environmental factors and extreme seasonal conditions. When we look at the warehouse cabin models within the scope of their dimensions, they are between 2,70 m2 and 5,70 m2. Most importantly, the warehouse cabin prices have been determined quite economically. This situation has caused consumers to immediately adopt warehouse cabinet products. For this reason, Tetay Structure produces the cheapest warehouse cabin product.

Storage cabins can also be used behind the buffet. Because you can store a lot of materials in these cabinets. On the other hand, warehouse cabins are produced by a domestic manufacturer. A domestic producer means that it is easier and clearer to understand the problems and needs of local consumers. In addition, warehouse cabin prices are also determined in a way that does not exceed the budget of the domestic consumer. The biggest reason for this is because we understand the domestic consumer.

Turkey is a country with a lot of climate diversity. For this reason, when we look at the Black Sea Region, it is rainy in all seasons, but the Eastern and Southeastern parts can have very harsh winters. The Aegean and Mediterranean regions are hot and dry in summer. When we look in this direction, the best quality warehouse cabin product should not receive any rain inside. In addition to these, air conditioning should be done very easily in the cabin. The cabin in the Eastern Region needs to be heated immediately, and the cabin in the Aegean region needs to be cooled immediately. For this reason, Tetay Structure has carried out some insulation and engineering works on all of the highest quality warehouse cabin products. Thus, the cabin is long-lasting and durable along with being heat, sound and liquid insulated.

The Most Preferred Storage Cabin

Warehouse cabin products are building solutions produced for almost every need. Food storage can also be made in it, it can serve as an archive for your documents. Despite all these advantages, warehouse cabin prices are also quite economical.

It is recommended to cool the food in the cabin to prevent spoilage. Warehouse cabinet products are produced with sandwich panel technology. Thanks to this technology, the cabins become resistant to external environmental factors. Thanks to the insulation works carried out, it also becomes resistant to seasonal conditions.

Another reason why these cabins are very preferred is their price. When we look at the prices, these cabins are quite advantageous. In addition, since it is produced using quality materials, it has all the features offered by reinforced concrete warehouses as a structure.

The Most Economical Warehouse Cabin Prices

Over the past few years, market conditions have become constantly volatile for many reasons. In some markets, this situation has reached utopian levels, while in some markets it has remained at minimal levels. The sector most affected by this change has been the construction sector. For this reason, the construction of the reinforced concrete warehouse is finished. People who want to buy a warehouse, on the other hand, have encountered warehouse cabin prices that are very economical after a short search.

Cabins offer many advantages to the user. One of these advantages is the prices. Prices are usually determined by taking into account the material purchasing power of cabin consumers. Despite the rising costs, cabin prices still have an economical price tag.

Thanks to these cabins, you can save on the air conditioning costs that you will make in the cabin. Because the best insulation materials used all over the world are used in these cabins. That insulation material is also EPS styrofoam. EPS stands for epspanded polystyrene. This material is placed between the sandwich panel and is quite successful in terms of insulation Dec. Many materials used in the outer shell of these cabinets are also materials that support insulation. These cabins are produced quite quickly. If you want to get detailed information about delivery and prices, you can contact our customer representatives.

Safe, Insulated Storage Cabinet System

Everything you can store in the cabin we produce will be safe. Because we use the best door lock system in all cabins. It is quite difficult for someone without a key to open the cabin door.

Thanks to the sandwich panel technology, the cabins are quite light. Don't let the light weight fool you, they are quite solid structures. Because a number of R& D and P&D studies were carried out long before these structures were produced. In the light of these studies, more durable and long-lasting cabin solutions have emerged.

Within the scope of the production and development studies, we analyzed other cabin manufacturers. As a result of this analysis, we have identified the mistakes they made before, during and after production. We corrected these errors as a result of a number of engineering and architectural studies. These studies are also called production development.

Within the scope of the R & D studies we have carried out, we have analyzed the consumers on the basis of the cabin.As a result of these analyzes, we have identified the needs of consumers and the problems they have with cabins. In the light of these determinations and analyzes, together with our engineers, we have come up with these cabins that can be a solution for every need. You can review our cabin models that respond to every need from our website.

The Most Preferred Warehouse Cabin Models

One of the reasons why these cabins are so preferred is the growth of jobs in general. Because the artisans who buy a buffet want to store materials because they are growing their business. In line with this demand, it can buy the size of the warehouse it needs. Thus, it can safely store food or consumables.

In addition to these cabins, our other cabin product attracts a lot of attention with its simple appearance and affordable price tag. Our cabin products are panel cabin models. In this cabin, an officer or an officer can perform their duties without being affected by the sound caused by too much external environment and too hot and cold caused by seasonal factors. It is very attractive that the prices are also affordable. The types of measurements are also quite large. Its dimensions are between 1.70 m2 and 9.60 m2. Dec.

Which Storage Cabinet Is Suitable For You

The cabin that suits you varies according to many criteria. But these cabins can be the solution to almost any need. The most suitable cabin for you varies according to the size of the cabin you need, the way you use it, and what you will store in it. If you want to find the cabin model that suits you in the fastest way, you can contact our customer representatives.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

The outer shell of these cabinets is already produced with insulation. While the outer shell of some cabins is PVC, the side and roof materials are used as galvanized. In some cabins, epspanded polystyrene, in short, sandwich panel technology with eps filling is used. This material is among the best insulation materials in the world as thermal insulation. Although the materials used in insulation works are light, they do not crack, break, rust and can be used safely for years. Aluminum doors are generally used in the door. PVC windows are used in windows. Thanks to these materials used, these cabins can be used in summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in in the winter, it doesn't let the outside heat inside in the summer. Thanks to these studies, thermal insulation is provided.

These cabins are designed to be lightweight so that they can be transported by air, land or sea. In addition to being lightweight, these cabins are also resistant to natural disasters and strong winds.