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In recent years, when a cab has been wanted to be installed in the city, it immediately comes to the panel Metropolitan products produced by Tetay Construction. Because all the panel Metropolitan models we produce as Tetay Construction are built to last with our 17-year-old experience in the industry and state-of-the-art production systems. Panel cabin products are also available with panel Metropolitan models and similar features. These products are quite varied in size. When the smallest cab is 1.70 m2, the largest cab is 9.60 m2. In these cabins, the panel is like the Metropol products, adapting to the city's modern architecture.

We have risen to the industry's leading position because we produce both an established brand and local manufacturing and robust panel Metropolitan products. In this case, panel Metropol products were loved by users and panel Metropolitan prices were immediately adopted by consumers.

The highest quality panel Metropolitan products are produced quickly and delivered immediately with a very economical price tag. In addition to its quality, the cheapest panel is the structure that allows an official to do their duty and protect the employee, not affected by harsh seasons and environmental conditions, for the general purpose of the use of Metropol products. On the other hand, there is a model for every need. Special projecting options are also available.

In general, when we look at the climate map of our country, winter seasons in the Aegean and Mediterranean region are rainy, summer seasons are warm and dry. In general, we have harsh winters in our eastern and Southeast regions. The Black Sea Region is wet every season. In this case, panel Metropol products should be able to withstand the harsh conditions of four seasons. That's why Tetay engineers designed the highest quality panel Metropolitan products to withstand extreme seasonal conditions.

Top Preferred Panel Metropol

Among the public, panel Metropolitan products are known as the cabinets where security guards and civil servants are busy with various jobs. The economical panel is also astonished by the price of Metropolitan, while its architecture and modern construction are the cabinets that adapt to the city's modern construction. They are the structures that are the solution to almost every need. Both panel Metropol prices and designs give users many benefits.

Panel Metropolitan prices vary according to the size and basic characteristics of the structure. The special projecting option specifically determines the prices of structures made. You can contact our customer representatives to receive a quote.

One of the major benefits of the cheapest panel Metropolitan products is that it is manufactured by a local brand. This makes it possible for you to have a local counterpart. A local manufacturer understands the needs of domestic consumers better and produces them according to local consumers.

The panel Metropolitan models can adapt to the architecture of modern Metropolitan areas, and the benefits it provides to its consumer are not over. With the isolation of these cabins and sandwich panel technology, you can save on your air-conditioning costs within the structure. All the structures we produce are isolated from heat and cold by quality materials used in the manufacturing process on earth. Therefore, because the structure volume is small, it cools down quickly or heats up quickly. This means that not too many air conditioning or electrical heaters are used in the structure. This will save you money on electricity in the long run.

Most economical Panel Metropol prices

One of the many benefits it provides to its user is that there are a lot of varieties. In addition, these cabins are heat, sound and liquid isolation with very strong materials. Because they are small in size, the cab can be climate-adjusted very easily and quickly. This allows it to be used from these cabins in many parts of the world.

For many reasons recently, construction costs have risen as a result of market changes we have often experienced. The main reason for this rise is that the prices of the materials used in the construction industry are rising. In this case, no concrete cabins are made. This makes it a choice for cabins with an affordable price tag made with sandwich panel technology.

The walls of the cabins use an EPS Styrofoam-filled sandwich panel, which is among the world's best insulation materials for thermal insulation. Sandwich panels are lightweight but are not cracked, broken, rust-resistant and can be used with confidence for years to come. Sandwich panels are also environmentally friendly. Materials used in both the construction process reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while the insulation feature minimizes energy consumption, helping to prevent air pollution.

These cabins have demonte structure. This allows you to remove the cabins and move them to different places to install them. All cabins with sandwich panels are easy to install. And thanks to panel technology, there is no moisture inside the cab, so healthier places are created. The Tetay Construction uses the sandwich panel system that provides benefits to its users in the production of all our products

All products produced are produced quickly and meticulously with our team of experts in cutting-edge manufacturing systems and field. Check out the delivery options and models on our website. You can contact our customer representatives to receive a quote.

Safe, isolated Metropol Cab System

Thanks to the quality insulation materials we use in cab production, these cabins can be used in four seasons. Resistant to harsh seasonal conditions and bad environmental conditions. The cabins also have many features. One of its most important features is that it is versatile. You can use these cabins by positioning them in and out of sites, apartments, parking lots and even construction sites.

Another feature is that it's lightweight, so it's portable. With this feature, the cabins are highly used in construction sites. Instead of buying a new container for each project, you can carry your existing cabinet and be used in any area. The materials used are usually aluminum, Windows PVC, roof material is generally galvanized. Special projecting can also be used for our wishing customer.

Most Preferred Panel Metropol models

There is a cab model that can be the solution to every need. You can also choose one of the modern-architecture cabins, which has a simple architecture but has an economic price tag.

The R&D and UR-GE work was performed before the cabs were produced. As part of the UR-GE work carried out, other manufacturers have identified errors made during and prior to production. To correct the errors made, our engineers worked on all models. Our work, which stands for UR-GE, stands for production development.

As part of the R&D work, the customer's needs and complaints in the cab are addressed and identified. Then the identified problems were resolved and engineering and architectural work was carried out as part of the needs. This results in durable, long-lasting cabins with modern architecture. You can review our models via our website.

Which Panel Metropol is right for you

Our cabins are built for all needs. With the special projecting advantage, you can have the cab you want. The cabins can be built with modern and luxurious architecture, while they can also be produced in a cost-effective way with simple architecture. We also recommend that you review our Metropolitan cab products, which are very compatible with the crowded and modern architecture of Metropolitan areas. These cab models are between 2.25 m2 and 6 m2. The cab for you or your brand varies depending on the size of the cab, color, and location you need. If you want to make the best choice quickly, you can contact our customer representatives.

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The outer shell of these cabinets is already produced with insulation. While the outer shell of some cabins is PVC, the side and roof materials are used as galvanized. In some cabins, epspanded polystyrene, in short, sandwich panel technology with eps filling is used. This material is among the best insulation materials in the world as thermal insulation. Although the materials used in insulation works are light, they do not crack, break, rust and can be used safely for years. Aluminum doors are generally used in the door. PVC windows are used in windows. Thanks to these materials used, these cabins can be used in summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in in the winter, it doesn't let the outside heat inside in the summer. Thanks to these studies, thermal insulation is provided.

These cabins are designed to be lightweight so that they can be transported by air, land or sea. In addition to being lightweight, these cabins are also resistant to natural disasters and strong winds.