Panel Cabin

Tetay is the first brand in recent years to come to mind in the production of panel cabin products. Because as Tetay Construction, the panel cabin models we produce are produced by senior teams in the field of state-of-the-art production systems. This ensures that the panel cabin products are very robust and long-lasting. These cabins are therefore widely preferred by users.

The panel cabin variants are quite large. This includes panel Metropol models that fit well into modern city life and buildings. The dimensions of these models are produced in three different sizes: 2.25 m2, 3.15 m2, 3.75 m2. These cabins are also produced very quickly because we are a leader in the panel cabin industry.

In general, if we look at the best-quality panel cabin products for their intended purpose, these structures are structures that provide a roof to effectively fulfill their task without affecting an officer, seasonal and environmental conditions, and protect the officer from external environFmental conditions. On the other hand, these cabins are very durable, as well as very economical solutions for panel cabin prices. In addition, the Tetay Cab is a leader in the production of the highest quality panel cabin with its full 17-year experience in the industry.

When we look at the climate conditions of Turkey, the eastern part of our country spends very little of the year in the summer, while more western parts spend most of the year in the summer and are very dry. The Black Sea region has a rainy climate every season, which is overly precipitating. Therefore, the four seasonal conditions are taken into account when the panel cabin options are produced. In addition, extreme weather-resistant production is also made, taking into account heavy seasonal conditions.

Most Preferred Panel cabin

Sandwich panel cabin products offer many benefits to every brand that uses it. The most important of these benefits is the price of the panel booth. The price of the panel cabin varies according to the dimensions and characteristics of the cab. If you want to find the cheapest panel cabin model, the Tetay Cabin is the right place.

Another important advantage is that all panel cabin models produced are domestic production. It is important that almost all products are a local manufacturer. And we understood the importance of this as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that we all live in. We've all witnessed that many products were not produced abroad during the pandemic period, and that's why they couldn't come. It is strongly possible to avoid this problem with local production.

We understand and produce the needs of local brands, thanks to the fact that you have a local customer in panel cabin production. Based on the panel cabin models, the lightest weight can reach up to 450 kilograms, starting at 350 kilograms. In addition, extreme seasonal conditions, the sandwich panel uses the highest quality insulation materials to protect the climate inside the cab. This will save you the budget for heating and cooling in harsh seasonal conditions. This makes the price of the panel cabin more advantageous.

Most economical Panel cabin rates

The price of many materials used in the construction industry has increased as a result of the changing market conditions we have been experiencing recently. As a result, the price has become unpredictable in most markets. In this respect, when we look at the prices in terms of the price of sandwich panel cabin products, it remains very economical.

 As the Tetay Cab, we have made it clear that the receivers, cabins, can be easily taken and accessible when the panel determines cab prices. This makes the cheapest panel cabininet products popular and preferred by our country. Because we listen well to the products you demand, and we understand you. We produce and deliver our best price guarantees to you in the fastest and most precise way.

The benefits of sandwich panel cabin products to brands do not end with this. Thanks to the quality materials used in cab production, all our cab products are isolated from the seasons and environmental conditions. EPS Styrofoam is used as insulation material. This material is a quality insulation material used almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to this material, the climate inside the cab is maintained, providing a very suitable temperature for the officer in charge. You can save on your budget for air-conditioning. This will allow you to pay the cabinet in the long term.

All the cabins produced are produced and delivered to you very quickly. The reason is that we use state-of-the-art production systems and work with specialized personnel in the field. For more information on delivery options and prices, please contact our customer representatives.

Safe, Insulated Sandwich Panel cabin System

All of our cab products are very safe for the officer in charge. Because the doors of these cabins are generated by a lockable system. It's pretty hard for a guy who doesn't have a key unless he opens up a duty officer.

In addition, we conducted long-lasting R&D and R-GE work before the panels were produced. These studies have resulted in robust and long-lasting cabins. Ur-GE is a word-for-word manufacturing development. As part of these studies, other manufacturers have been identified and corrected by their manufacturing errors. Thus, the more robust cab models are available in the center.

R&D means research and development. In this study, the cab needs in our country have been established. Engineering drawings have been made to ensure that these cabins are resistant to seasonal conditions. In line with the needs, many cab models have emerged. Visit our website to review our models.

Most Preferred Panel cabin models

All the cabins we produce can adapt to the city's modern and rustic design, while they also offer more affordable solutions with simple design cabins. In addition, different needs can be resolved. There is a cab solution for almost every need and budget.

With special projecting options, we can build the cab model you need just the right way. Our other model, which adapts to the city's modern architecture, is the choice of a Metropolitan cab. With colorful cabins, you can choose the cab that matches the color of the architecture. Cab models can grow from 2.25 m2 dimensions to 6 m2. The search cab model for Metropolitan areas is the Metropolitan cab models. The reason these cabins are preferred is that sites built with modern architecture require modern security or an officer's cabin. These cabins are very comfortable to use at site entrances, parking entrances.

Which Panel cabins are right for you

Luxury and modern architecture cabins are available, while simple and affordable cab models are available. In addition, we can draw the cab of your choice and make it your own with special projecting cabins. So we can present you with the most appropriate cab model in all possibilities.

The cab that suits you varies depending on the size of the cab you need, how you use it, and where you will use it. You can contact our customer representatives to quickly find the cab that suits you.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

The outer shell of these cabinets is already produced with insulation. While the outer shell of some cabins is PVC, the side and roof materials are used as galvanized. In some cabins, epspanded polystyrene, in short, sandwich panel technology with eps filling is used. This material is among the best insulation materials in the world as thermal insulation. Although the materials used in insulation works are light, they do not crack, break, rust and can be used safely for years. Aluminum doors are generally used in the door. PVC windows are used in windows. Thanks to these materials used, these cabins can be used in summer and winter. It doesn't let the cold outside in in the winter, it doesn't let the outside heat inside in the summer. Thanks to these studies, thermal insulation is provided.

These cabins are designed to be lightweight so that they can be transported by air, land or sea. In addition to being lightweight, these cabins are also resistant to natural disasters and strong winds.