Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Cabin

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Cabin
19 Sep

Guard cabins can be found at almost every structure nowadays. These cabins are the places where guards that are watching over a particular place stay in 24/7. Guard cabins are also known as “security cabins” colloquially. They designed for a guard or a security guard to do their duty easily inside them. 
Surely there are questions in one’s mind who wants to prefer these cabins. So we handled some of those questions for you. Here’s the things you need to know before buying a cabin;

Is there custom-made cabins?

To answer this question shortly, yes, there are custom-made cabins. Many brands want special planning for these kind of cabins. We granted many of our customers’ demands and we provide custom-made cabins with special planning. 

Are these cabins durable against winter cold? 

All the cabins we produce are durable against cold. It is because we make them out of sandwich panels. Thanks to sandwich panel technology, cold doesn’t get in and the staff inside the cabin are able to do their jobs in the best way possible. 

Are these cabins durable agains summer heat?

This is one of the top questions that comes to the mind of our customers. This question mostly asked especially in the hot areas where Mediterranean climate is dominant. As we mentioned in our previous answer, because we make these cabins with the sandwich panel technology, they don’t effect from heat as they don’t effect from cold therefore the atmosphere inside the cabin is well-preserved. 

Are these cabins suitable to be electrified? 

This question is also amongst frequently asked questions (FAQ). The answer can be given shortly to this question is, yes, they are. But that means breaching needs to be done to the cabin and the breach must be sealed perfectly after it’s done. Holes that are not closed completely might leak the water inside when it’s raining or snowing, therefore, electrification must be done carefully. 

What are the size of the cabins?

These cabins can be made for almost every need. When we look at the variety of size, the smallest cabins start at the size of 130x210 and can go up to 250x250. As you can see, there are products for every need and budget. 

What are the prices? 

This question is also asked a lot. The prices are being set in the special planning process. If you are looking for something like this you can get an offer from us. When it comes to our pre-set models, prices vary from model to model. 

How the cabins are made?

Our cabins are produced with sandwich panel technology. The windows are montaged directly since they are made of double PVC glass. Since we are the main manufacturer of these cabins, and we produce them with our 17 years of experience in the sector, our products are durable and last for long times. 

What are the other types of cabins? 

We have types of cabins for almost every need. While WC cabins being one of the most important, there are also guard cabins with WC. Buffet cabin, storage cabin, railed ticket cabins, cabins with joint gaps and panel metropolis cabin are also amongst options. 

How long does it take to deliver a cabin?

You can buy our cabins right after the manufacturing process. These cabins which are being made with the latest technology can be produced fast and delivered to the buyers. 

In this article we tried to give our readers information about guard cabins and security cabins. We hope that with this article you won’t have any questions in mind. Any of our readers who still have questions can call our customer services and get information about anything.