As Tetay Yapı, we have been producing cabin and container products used in many sectors for 17 years. This has made us a leader in the industry. Because the best always speak for themselves.

During our time in the sector, we always took care to do our job in the best way. For this reason, we have certificates in many fields. One of the certificates we have received is the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate, which is valid within the scope of "Manufacture of open profiles, ribbed sheets and sandwich panels by cold forming or folding method". The trainings given in the Quality Management System are aimed at meeting customer expectations, needs and regulatory requirements. The Quality Management System is a globally accepted form of quality management system that aims to increase customer satisfaction.

Another certificate we have is the Declaration of Conformity certificate. In fact, this is a certificate of conformity. Roughly speaking, it is the document declaring that the manufacturer produces the products in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards. The names of our products, which are subject to conformity, are indicated in Turkish on the certificate. In the last part of the relevant certificate, there are many applicable harmonized standards.

As Tetay Yapı, the main reason why we have risen to the leading position in the sector is that we do our job very well. This will continue to be the case in the near future, where we are always innovating our business. There are many brands that prefer us on this path we walk with our vision and mission. Tetay Yapı will always continue to add durability and aesthetics to your life.